The Resource page and e-library

This page is to be used as a resource by our appraiser group to find the information we all need.

If you have something you think will be useful to other appraisers as information resources off the web

let me know and I can add it here. I also have specific cities and government agencies on this website under links tab.

This link can get you information on many of the HOA’s that is required on the form. It does require you sign up but appraisers are free.

Los Angeles County Planning

This site gives a lot of good information from the L.A. County planning department including zoning.

Hud.Appraiser Help

This information gives HUD requirements for appraisers and appraisals.

Kern county assessor sight

Kern county assessor information

state and local government information

This gives links to almost every city, county and state agency.

This site references letters issued by the FDIC

naifa.membership application

NAFIA website and information


This is the Appraisal Foundation q&a page. You can also read USPAP here.

OREA website

This links to the good old OREA regarding license issues and rules etc.

NADA guides

NADA price guides for manufactured houses, cars and a lot of other stuff.

Appraisal Scoop

appraisal scoop newsletter. It has a lot of good information and discussions. It is well worth looking over.

city of Palmdale planning

This link is for the city of Palmdale zoning codes.

Lancaster Zoning Maps

City of Lancaster Zoning

Library of Congress website including federal bills

this site gives all the information for bills in the US senate and congress.

California pending bills

This site gives bills in the California senate and house including status and what they say.

Nevada Bills in legislature

This site give information on Nevada bills that are in progress.

FEMA  flood maps

look up free flood maps on FEMAs website.

USGS earthquakes

USGS fault lines and recent earthquakes


superfund sites for the EPA

 California senate contacts

This site is for our friend Don Machholz who has free graphing and 1004mc software 

This is where our California Senators can be contacted

contact information senators for Nevada

This is where you can find Nevada Senators

Nevada senators contacts

This is where you can contact your senator for Nevada

Nevada Congressperson contacts

This is where you can find you Nevada congressperson

AQMD.government information
California south coast air quality management

Los Angeles City Site
City of Los Angeles website

City of Glendale
City of Glendale CA website

City San Fernando
City of San Fernando website

City of Burbank
City of Burbank website

City of Santa Clarita
city of Santa Clarita website

This is a resource for other class providers schedules


More to come, submit your favorites to







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